What's New In 2020?

  1. Enhanced Pick, Pack, and Ship-Get packing updates from the warehouse. See your packing lists. Add package info if needed. (Needs QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum level)
  2. Invoice Status Tracker- Quickly see the full payment history in an invoice using a quickly click link. Prior editions had a payment date but in some cases, there are multiple payments posted against an invoice and now you an quickly see them all from just 1 link.
  3. EMV Credit Cards Supported -QuickBooks 2019 lets you accept credit cards with the chip. A new experience with secure, reliable and convenient payment processing. (Requires Intuit Merchant Services-We can get you the best rates that aren't even published! Plus...your customers will enjoy paying their invoice via email and you will enjoy getting paid faster!)
  4. Transfer Credits- View unused credits available across all jobs for a particular customer. Formerly if one "job" had a credit, an offset bank account would need to be used and a series of entries created to move the credit to a different job...this new feature resolves that issue.
  5. Manage Payroll Permissions - Know at a glance, who has unrestricted 'view access' to sensitive info like payroll with **'s showing those sensitive areas. (Needs QuickBooks Enterprise- All Levels.)
  6. Inactive Items in Reports-Help make sure that my Inventory Valuation reports and General Ledgers match. This was a common issue in the inventory valuation reports.
  7. Check to Pay Bills-Link checks to unpaid bills, so your bookkeeping is done right. Often new users struggle with the paying of bills over writing checks. This was developed to help with this struggle and to avoid duplicating expenses.
  8. IIF Imports- Now you have a chance to fix all IIF import errors. IIF is an old import option but some add-on applications use it. Now if there are errors, you can quickly see what the errors are.
Denise Magee
What's New



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Good Morning Denise,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note re: your staff. They were a total pleasure to deal with. I had contacted 4 others re: my QuickBooks Enterprise purchase and none of them could even come close to your staff's professionalism. Their knowledge, communication skills, follow-up and consistently positive attitude were the reasons I chose to do business with your company.


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