Understanding QuickBooks File Extensions

There are many extensions that QuickBooks uses and before you delete them, it is important that you know what they are and how QuickBooks uses them.

ExtentionShort NameDescription
*.QBWQuickBooks Company fileThe QBW format is associated with Intuit QuickBooks software. It uses QBW files to store financial data, templates, letters, logos, and images for a company.
*.QBBQuickBooks Backup file formatQBB files are backups of QBW files which store a company’s financial records, templates, logos, letters and images.
*.QBMQuickBooks Portable fileCompressed version of the QuickBooks company file. *.QBM files are ideal for sharing because of the smaller file size.
*.QBIQuickBooks Image fileThe *.QBI file “holds” transactions that have been written until they are posted to the hard drive
*.QBRQuickBooks Report templateWhen you export the template for a memorized report, QuickBooks saves the file with a .QBR extension.
*.DESLayout designer template export fileQuickBooks provides a variety of templates that you can use for your forms
*.QBOQuickBooks Online Bank Statement FileThis type of file contains an electronic bank statement downloaded from a financial institution’s website.
*.INIInitialization FileA config log file for QuickBooks.
*.LGBLittle Green BoxRelated to SDK log files for QuickBooks  that contains encrypted information about user names and passwords. It is utilized when an application needs to communicate and connect with QuickBooks (like QuickBooks Point of Sale) while it is unattended or closed. The user name and password stored in this file is utilized to connect with the Sybase server.
*.QWCQuickBooks Web ConnectorThis file contains encrypted information about 3rd party applications integrated with QuickBooks
*.QBPQuickBooks Print fileThis file stores form settings used by QuickBooks to print the form.
*.WPR.INIWindows Print fileThis file stores QuickBooks printer settings
*.AVIAudio Video InterleaveA multimedia format that contains both audio and video data in a file. This is used in QuickBooks for “Show Me” files
*.IIFIntuit Interchange FormatMay be created for importing lists and/or transactions.
*.NDNetwork Data FileA configuration file that allows access to the QuickBooks company file.
*.RTPUsed for auto-patch
*.TLGTransaction log fileKeeps track of changes to the file since the last backup.
*.WAVWindows sound formatSound Advice files (used in CD versions of QuickBooks)
*.Qbwin.logQB Windows logFile is created/updated when a user runs verify and/or rebuild. Logs problems found/situations corrected
*.QBBackup.tmpQB Back temp foldersFile created during failed online or scheduled backup with date and time stamp. Cannot be used to restore data.
*.Temp1234.qbtFile created during pass 1 of rebuild, and deleted automatically when rebuild is completed.
*.QBSDK.logLogs for errors in QuickBooks and other services such as web connectors.
*.QWC.logQB Web Connector logLogs for Web Connector errors and process.
*.SyncManagerLogger.log Sync Manager logLogs for Sync errors and activities.
*.ECML Entitlement fileStores installation license, and registration data
*.1PAFiles used to create forms 940 and 941 (QuickBooks for Windows 4.0 through QuickBooks 2004)
*.TXT & *.SETUsed in QuickPay version 2.0/2.1
Prddesvr.exe, Product.fam, Perwin95.ini, Perrval.dllThese files are used for printing 940/941 forms.
Taxtbl.usaIntegrated Payroll tax table file
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