To QBO or Not QBO- Determining if you should convert to QuickBooks Online

This is a question we are asked almost daily.  There isn’t a one size fits all approach to answering this question.  If you call Intuit directly, they will calltol you (or should I say sell you), the product regardless of whether it is the right one for you or not.  This is something that as a business consultant, is quite frustrating.

Intuit (the makers of all QuickBooks products), has always said there are “no limits” to QuickBooks Online.  Although we have known differently based on the customers we have had to migrate back to desktop, over time they too have discovered there are issues with the quantity of data.  This is the same issue we know about the desktop products.  When a business outgrows QuickBooks Pro/Premier, they upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise and when the file gets to be too large, we then perform a QuickBooks Shrink or other file services.

What happens when your QuickBooks Online files gets too big?

Intuit has started publishing marketing literature for prospective users and notices to existing users for QuickBooks Online Advanced.  What is the difference between QuickBooks Online Plus and the new QuickBooks Online Advanced you ask?  The Advanced is what was QuickBooks Online Plus and now the Plus product has been restricted.


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