QuickBooks Shrinking, Upgrading, Downgrading, and Converting to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

QuickBooks File Shrinking

If you have QuickBooks file that is running really slow or getting to be too large, the worst thing you can do is to run a “condense”. It will often increase your file size, cause irreversible corruptions, and only journalize old data without actually doing what you intended to do which is make your file smaller. If you have inventory in your system, additional issues will be caused by condense.

Just a little about OUR "File Shrink" services

• We do these over 1 weekend by electronically receiving your portable file through our Sharefile service when you close on Friday, we then perform the Shrink (100% Guaranteed).

• We do like to do a “test shrink” in advance to see what the approximate size of the file is when we run it through with the end date you have provided. We don’t charge for the test shrink.

• If we get a completed engagement letter on file, and you’re in a time crunch, we can skip the testing, and go straight to scheduling a “live” shrink.

• Once we receive a completed Engagement Letter, we will send the instructions in sending us the test file, we will perform the test shrink, and then we will allow you to evaluate that test file (if you want), and then we can schedule the actual Shrink.

• The fees associated with this service depend on the size of the file and if there are corruptions in the database that we would need to fix.  Our fees start at $1200.00 and will not perform these services with files under 750MB.  If you have a very large file or have data corruptions, we will provide you a firm rate once we have completed the test shrink.

• This is NOT the Condense function but rather we use a proprietary software to identify the transactions that we can remove from your QuickBooks file based on the “shrink through” date and we then remove those transaction, along with their internal links, and audit trail reference, etc., and then we bring the Balance Sheet (with inventory if applicable) back to the correct “roll forward” numbers before returning the new and reduced portable copy to you.

• Your old data then becomes an “Archive” file. When we send the small file back to you, we include instructions on how to change the name of your old file to add “ARCHIVE” in front of it, along with how to correctly change any linked folders such as Attach and images folder so that they link to the old file and the new smaller file. Since the file we return to you essentially is the same file you sent us (just with less transaction history), all your preferences, users, etc., are all the same as before. Your staff will not know there is any difference, except for the speed of the file and the lack of history when pulling details up for years we have removed.

There are some limitations to this service.  If you have FIFO or a very heavy use of Multiple Inventory Sites and Bins, we are unable to perform this service for dates after the start date of using those features and your options for any data services after that date are limited to retaining us to prepare a professional new copy of your data file which includes detailed lists (more than what you would get using any QuickBooks tools), open invoices detailed by invoice number, open bills detailed reference number, open inventory according to your inventory valuation report, and of course your open Trial Balance.

New Data File

We have an abundance of experience creating new data files where most of the list elements (including customizations), are carried over to a new data file. In addition to the lists, we will bring over your Open Accounts Receivable, Open Accounts Payable, opening Balance Sheet, memorized reports and transactions, Roles, and Users. If this new file is being creating in the middle of a reporting period, we can also bring over transactions to properly make your accounting whole.


In the past few years we have performed more "file downgrades" from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Pro or Premier than ever before. The reasons are similar and there are 2 main reasons:

  • A client used to work with an accounting company or someone in an accounting role that upgraded their file to QuickBooks Enterprise. Once that relationship ends, the client is stuck with a file they can't open.
  • Companies that had been growing and purchased QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions in the past found they no longer needed the robust features and wanted to move to a simpler platform.

We have been providing downgrading for several years and can talk to you about your options. Give us a call.


If you have QuickBooks Simple Start, Pro, or Premier, upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is easy. Here are a few reasons you would need to upgrade:

  • Need for Sales Orders to manage inventory
  • QuickBooks file size is outgrowing QuickBooks Pro or Premier
  • Need advanced reporting functions
  • Need to managed fixed assets automatically
  • Need advanced security and user permissions

There are so many more reasons why upgrading is important. Let us help you determine the best options.


Converting from legacy accounting systems such as Sage Peachtree, Sage 50, Microsoft Small Business Accounting, Net Suite, SAP, Oracle, Acc Pac, Peachtree Quantum, Dac Easy, MAS 90, Mas 200, Mas 500, Timberline, Microsoft Small Business Financials, Microsoft Dynamics, Great Plains, Solomon, Navision, Axapta can be a complex task. Hiring the right expert can make the difference. Quality Consulting Group has been performing these conversions for several years and has a 100% success rate. There are many ways to convert your data. Call us for a free consultation to discuss your needs and allow us to provide you with a free demo of the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.

 Denise Magee

Since 2019, Denise Magee has been an elected member of the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Advisory Council assisting Intuit with the development of the desktop product for the betterment of QuickBooks users.



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Good Morning Denise,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note re: your staff. They were a total pleasure to deal with. I had contacted 4 others re: my QuickBooks Enterprise purchase and none of them could even come close to your staff's professionalism. Their knowledge, communication skills, follow-up and consistently positive attitude were the reasons I chose to do business with your company.


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