QuickBooks Point of Sale, The Great Sales Tool for Every Retail Business

Intuit’s QuickBooks products are among the efficient tools when it comes to financial management. In particular, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions proves to be one of the most reliable financial software when it comes to creating financial reports and consolidating business data. However, creating financial reports is not the only thing you will have to do in order to keep your business steady and on top of everything. If you have a retail storefront, you will also need a program that can help you manage sales and track customers, as well as manage inventory, among other store operations.

In this area, QuickBooks Point of Sale can be of great use.
QuickBooks Point of Sale is like a powerful cash register that pretty much does what a cash register can do—plus a whole lot more. In essence, it is a tool used in the area of a store called the point of sale, better known as the checkout counter. This is where the sale transactions occur. Today, it is used to refer to the hardware, such as the QuickBooks Point of Sale. The technology used by QuickBooks Point of Sale is somewhat new, since web based point of sales systems were only developed during the early 2000s. The system uses the Internet in order to store back up data as well as create a centralized system, making data consolidation easier.

In any case, businesses in the retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries, among others, use point of sales programs—and they can benefit from the functions and features of QuickBooks Point of Sale.
But what makes QuickBooks Point of Sale better compared to the other point of sale programs available in the market? For one, the QuickBooks Point of Sale can be used in consolidation with the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions software. This software is used for storing and interpreting financial data, as well as creating various financial reports. With their connectivity, data from the QuickBooks Point of Sale can be used for reports done on QuickBooks Enterprise, and vice versa.

But, of course, the more important part of this connection is what QuickBooks Point of Sale can actually do. In this case, it can pretty much help you ring up sales and, ultimacalltoy, become closer to your customers through a customer tracking system. It can even integrate with Microsoft Word for letters to be written for the customers, and through Constant Contact where you can easily email customers special offers to drive more business to your door. You can even create selective lists of customers based on sales activity. Obviously, QuickBooks Point of Sale is not just software that financial managers can use. It is all-around software that can be used by anyone within the company hierarchy. Just like the QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Point of Sale can help company heads get a clear view of the company’s stating in terms of sales and day to day store operations.

It also helps company heads create a better focus for the company by removing a significant chunk of the workload while still ensuring proper management of sales and inventory—among others. What’s great with QuickBooks Point of Sale is that it does not only work for physical stores; it can also be used for web-based stores as well. Obviously, QuickBooks Point of Sale is a great tool not only to help manage sales in the company.

Not convinced? Find out for yourself why QuickBooks Point of Sale is a much needed tool in any business today. Call us for a free demo!

 Denise Magee
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