QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 23.0 Features

Data Level Permissions

You can keep track of who has access to what data in just a few clicks. You can easily generate reports of permissions to get a bird’s eye view of existing controls by user or role. Simply select the type of view and the roles or users you want to see, and an easy-to-read report is created for you.

Barcode Label Prices

Add sales prices to barcode labels so both customers and employees can clearly see an item's price, name, and description.

Improved Landed Cost

Landed Cost calculations give you greater visibility into actual product costs by factoring in freight, duties, insurance and other miscellaneous costs by quantity, value, weight or volume.1 When you can identify true product costs, you can make better asset valuations and profit, pricing, and sales decisions.

In Enterprise, you can set up landed costs accounts as “COGS” or “Other current assets.” Plus, you can accuracalltoy calculate landed cost for old item bills from closed accounting periods, and print bills with or without landed cost for better control over sensitive information.

Alternate Vendor Reports

Improve visibility into alternate vendors by listing them in key inventory reports like Inventory Stock Status by Item and Inventory Valuation Summary. Plus, you can simplify reordering from alternate vendors by easily accessing them in frequently used reports.

Whether your costs are shipping, handling, or other costs you want to spread to your items and also whether they are on the same bill or from another vendor, you can now spread your costs to your inventory items on a line by line, percentage, etc.

Batch Delete for Sales Orders

You can batch delete unlinked sales orders, similar to the batch delete function for invoices, bills, and checks. This capability helps you manage client files more efficiently by allowing you to batch delete both invoices and their corresponding sales orders

Improved Bank Feeds

Bank Feeds is the online banking feature in QuickBooks Desktop that lets you connect to your financial institution so you can download transactions and use other online services.1 You can automatically categorize bank transactions with more detail than ever by using enhanced rules, batch editing, and improved matching.Through Bank Feeds, you can process bank and credit card transactions efficiently, giving you more time for your other business needs.

  • Rapidly import bank feeds by automatically categorizing or batch-editing your bank transactions by payees, accounts, and
  • Improve data integrity with enhanced matching and less manual
  • Gain flexibility and efficiency with enhanced rules that let you quickly search for and define categorization criteria.
  • Quickly review or resolve transaction

Receipt Management

You can automatically create and categorize receipt expense transactions in QuickBooks by using the QuickBooks Desktop Mobile App to capture receipt data. Just photograph, import, and review.

  • Stay organized by attaching digital receipt images to expense transactions for audit
  • Accuracalltoy categorize and record multiple receipt transactions at
  • Get peace of mind with an easy and efficient review

Features from 20.0 and Prior

New Landed Costs

Whether your costs are shipping, handling, or other costs you want to spread to your items and also whether they are on the same bill or from another vendor, you can now spread your costs to your inventory items on a line by line, percentage, etc.

New Multiple Vendors for Inventory Items

Not only can you have a preferred vendor for your inventory items, you can now have alternate vendors. In addition to this feature, it works well with the landed costs feature. When creating Purchase Orders, you will now have insight to the landed costs for the items you are ordering and which vendor has the best cost.

Express Pick/Pack

Now you can express pick and pack items on a sales order for rapid processing.

Improved Inventory Functions

The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum Edition with advanced inventory provides you with flexibility to track and fulfill orders how you want to. With the ability to prioritize inventory, split orders, and add inventory, which automatically syncs with QuickBooks, you can pick and track orders to see where you stand in real-time. For a complete listing of features released in QuickBooks 2020, visit our Recent Posts .

Manage Inventory Across Warehouses

Enterprise Advanced Inventory helps you make informed decisions for your business and customers. You'll have control and flexibility of your inventory whether you have one warehouse or multiple warehouses. With Enterprise Advanced Inventory, you'll be able to determine which warehouse can fulfill an order, split orders, and more.

Features new to QuickBooks Enterprise 19.0 Silver and Gold Levels

Improved Multi-User Experience

Working with multiple users is a breeze. Far fewer instances require you to switch between Multi-User and Single-User mode. You can now pay bills, print checks, scan checks, link estimates to Invoices, and link payments to bills all in Multi-User Mode. When you do have to switch, it's faster and easier with a built-in
communication tool.

Multi User

Reports Filters

Now two clicks is all it takes to see which filters have been applied to a report. Visible filters make it easy to reproduce memorized reports. The new filter tool also makes it easy to quickly toggle back and forth between reports.

Aging Summary

Smart Search

Save time with faster searching. Begin typing a name and QuickBooks automatically fills in the rest. No need to memorize account numbers. No need to search the full chart of accounts to find that one client. Plus, you can search between values to find a transaction without having to remember the exact amount.

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Features already in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions from 19.0 and Prior Editions

Automated Reports in Single User Mode

Set up and schedule customized reports. Save time by making sure reports are pulled and sent to your team regularly.

Remind Users of Undeposited Funds Clearly see which deposits require action with a new badge that displays the number of pending deposits.

Deleted User Names Continue to Appear in Audit Reports
Easily track changes knowing that deleted users are marked as deleted and updates by them will show up in the Audit Trail attributed to them.

Vendor and Customer Type Filter
Find the information you need faster with the ability to filter by vendor type and customer type.

Improved Security
With connected services we've implemented measures like Multi Factor Authentication to keep your business safe.

Features already in QuickBooks Enterprise

Sort by columns

Now you can sort within a QuickBooks sales transaction by Item, Amount, QTY, etc., and the transaction will save and print the same as you see it.

Add a Cost Column

Now you can add a cost column to all your sales transaction. QuickBooks will display the current cost listed in the QuickBooks item list as the cost.  In the past, it was only available in the Estimate, now it is in all the sales transactions.

Search within a transaction

Do you have so many lines in your transactions that you often find it hard to find the line item you are looking for?  Now you can search within a transaction for what you are looking for.

Shortage report on Build Assemblies

In the past, it was cumbersome to find the quantities needed within a complex build assembly.  Now you can create a Shortage report from within the Build Assembly so you can quickly determine what products you are missing to complete the build.

Footer printing on last page only on multiple page sales and purchase transactions.

Some of you have asked me in the future to have a Terms and Conditions that you only want to have on the last page...now you can have a separate footer page!

Unlimited Cache

QuickBooks running slow?  In 2015 you can have unlimited user cache so if someone is pulling up a large report, QuickBooks will allow them more cache to pull that report, significantly reducing the time the report takes to display. 

Total Columns in forms

Do you have a need to total a column?  Perhaps you have a custom column for weight on a sales transaction because you need to report the total weight of the shipment to charge your customer...now you have the ability to total any column in your sales transaction. 

ES - Disallow Negative Inventory

We have heard for years that you don't want QuickBooks to allow negative inventory.  Now, you have that as a preference to turn on.  QuickBooks is one of the few that do allow you to go negative, and for some businesses, it is a necessary part of doing their accounting, but if not managed properly, it can cause issues with your data.  With this new feature, if turned on, you will be able to prevent those negative numbers. 

Save comments on reports

Need to create comments on a report while in QuickBooks?  Now you can! 

Advanced Reporting (FREE Add-On with a valid FSP or Silver, Gold, or Platinum Level Subscription)

Probably the best new feature for those needing more sophisticated reports, Advanced Reporting is an awesome new feature.  It takes the databases available in QuickBooks and allows you to create your own custom reports.  It is a work in progress and there is currently not an option to allow users roles to be restricted, but this is a product Intuit has committed to developing.

Other Improvements Across ALL QuickBooks Desktop Editions (except where noted)

  • Estimates automatically close after they are converted to an Invoice.
  • Column and filter for the "Other 1" and "Other 2" fields are available in reports.
  • Active/Inactive filter is available on Names in 11 reports.
  • New filter in Inventory Center: All Inventory & Assemblies (in QBES Only)
  • Indicator when the Time/Costs window contains billable items.
  • Ability to move subset of items from sales order to invoice.
  • Restore image files to expected location
  • Don't warn users when they add duplicate items on transfer if lots are enabled (QBES Only).
  • Added-Preferred Delivery Method as a column to reports.
  • Added-Preferred vendor as a column and filter in Stock Status Reports.
  • Ability to add manufacturing part number column to Sales Orders, Estimates, and Purchase Orders. (For Sales Orders-Premier and QBES Only).
  • Adding a warning when inactivating an item with any quantity on hand (positive or negative).   

Already in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Enhanced Inventory Receiving

One of the largest problem with using Inventory in QuickBooks was that users would inadvertently change their item receipt date by simply updating the bill date when the item receipt was converted to a bill. This would cause a temporary negative inventory, which over time caused some big file corruption issues and mistakes in financial statements. This feature allows you to separate those transactions into 2 unique transactions preventing the possibility of this happening again!

Automatic Price Markup

You can choose if you want to have QuickBooks change sales prices automatically when the cost of the item changes. You can also set a global preference for the cost, and you can set overrides for individual items.

Images in the Item List

You can add an images of your product in the item record for a limited amount of items.

Increased capacity for Price Level Lists

Price Level Lists up from 100 to 750, which will help some people. This will help for those companies that reply on more specific price levels for individual customers such as restaurant supply distributors.

Find & Select in Sales Forms

This is pretty big…many have asked in the past if you can have a find and select when looking for an item in QuickBooks. Now you will have it!

Physical Inventory Worksheet filter by site

If you have been using Advanced Inventory.

More multi-user activities: More functions that you can perform in multi-user mode instead of switching to single user – set a closing date, make deposits, change list sort orders

Features in Advanced Inventory Only(Available in the Platinum Level):

    FIFO Inventory: Now you no longer have to revalue your inventory through adjustments, you can now manage your inventory cost of goods more accuracalltoy!
    Serial or Lot Number Tracking : You can select to use wither Serial Numbers or Lot Numbers. This is a preference that is decided when you start to manage your Advanced Inventory.

Calendar View

Access an organized, auto-populated calendar view of appointments, to do's and important business tasks, such as invoice and bill pay deadlines.

Excel Integration Refresh

Export reports to Excel, modify and manipulate worksheet formatting and seamlessly apply formatting updates to new reports.

Lead Center

Track prospective customers in one place, making follow up easy.

Document Center

Store and manage documents, such as contracts, proposals and receipts on your computer. Easily attach documents to forms, such as invoices.

Inventory Center

Centralize inventory tasks, items and reports for fast and easy access. Available in QuickBooks Premier 2012 only.

Batch Timesheets

Create timesheets for multiple employees or vendors who work the same hours at once.

One-click Transactions

Eliminate the need to re-enter customer data into different transaction forms.

Batch Invoicing for Time and Expenses

Bill multiple customers at once for services rendered. Available in QuickBooks Premier 2012 only.

Salesforce for QuickBooks

With a paid subscription through the Intuit App Center, the App synchronizes customer data with QuickBooks to provide streamlined information to those in sales and management to eliminate data entry in two different systems, showing aggregated customer information alongside probability for closing a deal.

Global To-Do List

The “To Do” list has been pumped up – now you have new features, and it is accessible from many new locations in the program. They are getting closer to making QuickBooks be a mini CRM product. You can specify actions to take, priorities, and much more.

Create Credit Memo from Invoice

They’ve added a way to create a credit memo when you are in the Create Invoices window, which is very helpful. There actually are several “one click transaction” options here in a “Create” menu item.

Contributed Reports

QuickBooks has numerous reports, and you can modify them to fit your needs. Now you can dicate who you share them with!

Updated Features and Improvements

Express Start

This is an improvement on the “new company file setup”. Instead of going through the “interview” there is a quicker way for you to set up a new company file.

Improved Excel Integration

Now if you export an Excel report and then make changes to it such as fonts and added information, you can save this as a template so that if you export that same report later, your modifications will continue to the newly exported report. In addition, you can update the data in your report from Excel itself without having first open the QuickBooks company file.

Improved Help and Search

Adds a search box to the task bar which lets you search for help as well as searching for information in your file.

Condense Data

Is back and improved. You can now select how Inventory information is condensed, and more transaction situations are covered. You can also "strip" years out complecalltoy for those of you going though an IRS audit.

Batch Invoice for Time and Expenses

Improves the work flow if you are invoicing multiple customers for billable time and expenses.

Memorized Transactions

Before your memorized transactions are entered, you can now see a list of them and select ones you actually want to enter before they are entered.

Transactions on the History Pane

View your transaction history within the transaction and make notes in the transaction note tab...all from within the transactin itself! No more having to enter a long memo in the transaction. See when it was emailed and more!

No Company File Open Window

If you had the 2011 R7 Plus update you saw that additional information was added to the No Company Open window, such as the file size and last date modified. One thing added then that I overlooked – the ability to edit the company list directly from this window. I like this improvement, now everybody gets it.

But Wait...there is more!

Enhanced Built-In Reports

Enhancements to several key QuickBooks reports give users valuable business insights. New and improved reports capture customer and sales insights that help small businesses make better business decisions.

More Combined Reports

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions users can now create Profit and Loss by Class reports that combine data from multiple company files.

Balance Sheet by Class

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions users who have several funds, departments, or locations can now track them separacalltoy within a single, easy-to- access report.

Customer and Customer Snapshot

QuickBooks makes prioritizing customers easy by offering a consolidated view of customers’ purchase histories, average days to pay, and outstanding balances. This capability enables small business owners to make timely decisions on customer requests and identify top customers by revenue and payment consistency. View your customers history in graph format. See how long they have been a customer and what their average days to pay is.

Customer/Vendor Transactions

QuickBooks users now have the ability to complete their transactions faster than ever with at-a-glance views of important customer and vendor details. With instant access to customer payment history, estimates, and past orders with vendors on one screen, completing transactions is easy and fast.

QuickBooks Search

Users can now quickly locate any account, report or invoice details within their QuickBooks repository with a simple keyword search, then filter down your search results by type of list or transaction as well as prices.

Two Company File

Users can now work in two instances of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions simultaneously to save time switching between QuickBooks files.8

Custom Reporting

Exclusive to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, users can now create custom reports using ODBC-compliant applications with a new way to directly access the QuickBooks database for maximum flexibility in report design.3

Batch Invoicing

Small businesses who often invoice multiple customers for the same service can streamline the process with Batch Invoicing. Users create one template they wish to use, select the customers they wish to bill, and then Batch Invoicing automatically creates the full set of invoices.

Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail Integration

QuickBooks13 integrates with popular webmail services Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail to make sending invoices, estimates, and other emails right from QuickBooks easy.

Collections Center: Users can quickly identify overdue and almost due invoices, and then email collection notices from their Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail account in the Collections Center. 7

More Custom Fields with Improved Reporting

You know better than anybody what business data you need to track and how you want to use it. More custom fields have been added to Enterprise Solutions for customers, vendors, employees and items so you can capture, track and report on the unique data you need. Set custom fields to accept certain formats such as date, phone number, or select from list to reduce data input errors and improve the quality of your data output. Plus use advanced filtering and sorting to run reports on the custom field information you care about.

Rapidly Add or Edit Multiple List Entries from One Spreadsheet View

Save time by entering and editing your customers, vendors, item, or account information in bulk. You can even copy and paste data from other spreadsheets.

Change Assembly Components on the Fly

Save time with new enhancements to Inventory Assemblies. Change quantity and item components on the fly to make substitutions or accommodate special customer requests. Add custom fields, such as serial or lot numbers, to track builds more closely than ever before.   Plus print your build assembly with the click of a button and see the quantities needed to accuracalltoy build a job.

Fully Integrated Document Management

Organize all your business documents in one place. Document Management lets you attach documents – electronic or scanned files – to any QuickBooks customer, vendor, employee, account or transaction. Because your documents are backed up online (up to about 1,000 2-page PDF’s), they are easy to share with your accountant and employees, and accessible from any internet connection. You can even scan documents right in QuickBooks.

Customize Your Company Snapshot

Stay on top of your business from a single screen, with data presented just the way you want it. Choose at-a-glance reports that are most crucial for managing your business. New report options include yearly expense and income comparison, detailed expense and income breakdown, and a top customer list.

Redesigned Report Center

Get the insights you need to make more profitable business decisions. Now it's easier than ever to find just the report you need to understand how your business is doing and spot opportunities to cut costs and boost profits. You can also tag your Favorite Reports to instantly access the reports you rely on most.

Reengineered Intuit Statement Writer

Easily create financial statements with the reengineered Intuit Statement Writer, a $150 value included at no additional cost. Intuit Statement Writer links your QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions files with Microsoft® Excel so you can build and update professional statements. New enhancements let you create Microsoft Word-based reports and documents, create up to 16 statements within a single Microsoft Excel workbook, and send consolidated reports in PDF format. Plus, documents and statements can be saved as a custom report template for easy reuse.

Up to 30 User Configurations

In response to the demands of our growing customers, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions now supports up to 30 simultaneous users. You can easily add additional licenses as needed so your Enterprise Solutions can grow with your business.

Multi-Currency Functionality

Grow your business globally with Enterprise Solutions’ new multi-currency capabilities. Apply and calculate foreign currencies automatically on transactions, such as sales orders, invoices and purchase orders, so you can do business with your international customers and offshore vendors more easily.

International Payment Service: Connect to our international payment service right from Enterprise Solutions, making it easy for your business to process wire transfers and drafts in more than 100 foreign currencies. No need to go to the bank, you can send and receive payments online. The simple process takes you quickly from quote to payment, so you can get back to running your business.

Multi-User Backup and Performance Improvements

Now you can back-up, run reports, and enter transactions into your company file all within multi-user mode, allowing you to focus on what really matters, running your business. To improve performance in multi-user mode, Enterprise Solutions has upgraded to the Sybase 10 SQL database.

QuickBooks Instant Messenger

Having trouble communicating with remote workers about what you need to do in Enterprise Solutions? Want to perform remote actions but your co-workers aren’t at their desk? QuickBooks Instant Messenger lets you now directly chat with remote users and perform actions, such as logging them out, even when they are not at their computer.

Performance Analyzer & Custom Report Builder
Get quick, up-to-date company performance snapshots and custom reporting capabilities to help you make better business decisions with Intuit Business Analysis ES. It works seamlessly with Enterprise Solutions and is available exclusively for Enterprise Solutions users with an active Full Service Plan — at no additional cost.

Redesigned Online Banking
Securely download bank and credit card transactions to keep QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions records up to date. The short, step-by-step, Online Banking wizard will guide you through the set up process.

Extra Capacity for Tracking Customers and Inventory
Enterprise Solutions offers the most capacity of any QuickBooks product. Now you can have over 100,000 or more customers, vendors, and employees, and 100,000 or more inventory, non-inventory, and service items so there's no limit to your growth.

Online Backup Service
Protect your Enterprise Solutions data and any other business data with up to 25 GB of free online backup storage. Your data is stored in a private, secure and encrypted format at two separate locations. Online backup is a new benefit of the Full Service Plan.

Apply Different Units of Measure on Sales & Purchase Orders
You may buy the same item in one unit of measure, stock it in another, and sell it in yet another. Enterprise Solutions 10.0 can automate the conversion from one unit of measure to another as the item moves through your business, helping you avoid costly mistakes. With a click, you can instantly convert from cases to pallets, or whatever units of measure you define. The correct units are then printed on invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, pick lists, and packing slips to help streamline your workflows and enable you to easily buy and sell products in precisely the way your vendors and customers prefer.

Apply Custom Price Levels on Estimates
Create estimates using different price levels and convert them easily to sales orders and invoices.

Improved Payroll Center
The improved Payroll Center in Enterprise Solutions 12.0 adds functionality such as easy pay group scheduling, reminders and to-do list for tax payment due dates and electronic filing for tax payments. Submit your taxes and forms direcly to the IRS with a payroll subscription and enrollment to EFTPS online.

Improved Tools to Create Professional Looking Forms
Easily design and use custom forms with our improved auto preview feature. It allows you to customize your forms in real time so you know how they will look before you print them. Easily add your logo, use custom fields, and set fonts and colors to the more than 100 included templates for invoices and other business forms.

Enter Business Expenses More Quickly
Save time entering your business expenses with the new auto-categorize feature. Enterprise Solutions will automatically classify vendor information for commonly entered business expenses, making bill entry faster since you don't have to go back to look up the right expense account for each vendor. Tax time is also streamlined.

Improved Shipping Manager

The improved QuickBooks Shipping Manager makes it easier to process FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipments and create shipping documents from within QuickBooks. Enterprise Solutions 8.0 adds support for thermal printer and multi-parcel shipping functionality so you can easily print labels and ship multiple packages from single shipment orders.

 Denise Magee

Since 2019, Denise Magee has been an elected member of the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Advisory Council assisting Intuit with the development of the desktop product for the betterment of QuickBooks users.



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