QuickBooks Contractors

Discover your true Job Costing with QuickBooks Enterprise Contractors Edition

With QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions for Contractors, you can harness the power of job costing down to the exact labor costs.

Have you ever paid a subcontractor and found out later that thier Worker's Compensation policy expired? Of the many features available iin the contractors edition, entering the General Liability and Workers Compensation Policies expiration dates are an "out of the box" funtion. As long as you have the vendor's expiration dates entered for that vendor, when adding a bill outside those dates, you will be prompted that you need to get a new policy confirmation. Never get stuck again at an audit without the proper policy information. You can even use the Attach feature to attach all the policies to each of the vendors so there is no filing of paperwork and missing forms.

In addition to those features, reporting is extremenly strong in QuickBooks for Contractors. With preset reports for Committed Costs by Jobs, Job Costing Profitability Detail and Summary, WIP, Unpaid Bills by Job and more, finding your profitability for yoru jobs will only set you up for proper bidding in the future.

Need Certified Payroll? It can do that too...right out of the box. With over 100 preset reports, customize roles to access only the data you want your staff to do, you will improve overall work flow and job productivity.

Are you looking for a timesheet system where your staff will be able to log thier time remocalltoy and then once approved, thier timesheets will import direclty into QuickBooks? Sign up for a free trial of TSheets now!.


Now with QuickBooks Enterprise Silver, Gold, and Platinum, you can save money and make monthly payments.
Did you want a free demo? We offer that too. With over 2 decades of experience, you will have no doubt that this software is the right fit for your company.
See just a little bit in action as I demonstrate some of the setup techniques for Job Costing in QuickBooks,

 Denise Magee

Since 2019, Denise Magee has been an elected member of the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Advisory Council assisting Intuit with the development of the desktop product for the betterment of QuickBooks users.



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Good Morning Denise,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note re: your staff. They were a total pleasure to deal with. I had contacted 4 others re: my QuickBooks Enterprise purchase and none of them could even come close to your staff's professionalism. Their knowledge, communication skills, follow-up and consistently positive attitude were the reasons I chose to do business with your company.


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